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Get a feature-rich Jamf Pro working today for less than the cost of a single Jamf Pro Admin

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Mike’s Tech Shop is a global leader in utilizing Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) to manage Macs in enterprise environments. For more than a decade the Jamf Pro has proven to be the definitive tool for managing all aspects of your fleet of Macs, from OS and applications to settings and policies. Leveraging Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, Jamf Pro can provide zero touch deployment of new Macs. Jamf Pro can also manage configuration profiles for settings management, inventory (hardware and software) reporting, help with compliance and reduce support costs dramatically. But getting all of this to work takes time, personnel and years of experience.

Mike’s Tech Shop has been managing and deploying some of the largest Jamf Pro installations in the world. From smaller companies with hundreds of Macs, to global enterprises with hundreds of offices and thousands of users, our Jamf Pro Experts and Administrators are some of the most experienced anywhere. We have a combined 35 years of Jamf Pro experience and we want to bring that experience to your Jamf Pro deployment.

Mike’s Tech Shop now offers Jamf Pro as a service, called Talos Fleet Management. Many of our clients have Jamf Pro. But getting Jamf Pro fully setup and maintained can be challenging. First, companies have to locate qualified Jamf Pro admins to hire. Then they have to design and implement Jamf Pro to fit their needs. Then they need to keep at least one or more admins on staff to keep Jamf Pro working. Talos Fleet Management changes all that. Instead of hiring, designing and managing Jamf Pro on your own, you can leverage the combined experience of our team of Jamf Pro experts to get a complete Jamf Pro offering that could not be done internally. Talos includes all of the most powerful and desired features of Jamf Pro. To deploy these services internally a company would have to hire a three person Jamf Pro team and wait for a year or two while they develop their Jamf Pro implementation. With Talos your company can have a rich, mature offering today for less than the cost of a single Jamf Pro Admin.

This is a chart comparing Talos Fleet Management to an internally developed Jamf Pro:

Compare Talos to typical DIY Jamf Pro

Hardware Inventory
Machine Deployment
Mobile Device Management
Self Service
Software Inventory
Software Usage
Audit Compliance Support
Cloud Deployment
Custom Scripting
DEP Integration
Infrastructure Documentation
Inventory Reports
License Management
Patch Management/Update Management Policy Documentation
Pre-Flight Testing
Process Documentation
Server Management
Settings Management
Usage Reports
VPP Integration