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Losing your data can be very traumatic. We understand, and we can help. If your drive stopped working and you need your data back, contact us. Our data recovery experts have been recovering data since 2003. Nothing we do will harm your drive or make the situation worse. If we don’t succeed, we can give you options for further attempts.

How does it work? How much does it cost?

We will evaluate your drive ($75 evaluation fee) and then give you a range for the recovery cost.

Note: Data Recovery is complex and recovery can take up to a week.


Data Recovery Insights

New Macs are making it harder to recover your data

Two trends in newer Macs, thinness and privacy, are conspiring to make it harder than ever to recover your data. Apple has a fashion-magazine-like obsession with thinness and a Libertarian devotion to privacy.

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Hard Drives in Distress

I had a customer come in recently with a hard drive that was not working. It had all of his wedding videos on it. Before he came to us, he went to the IT guy in his office and the IT guy had tried to fix the drive.

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“I Have A RAID So My Data Is Backed Up!”

I have had too many data recovery customers start our conversation with the title of this post. “I have a RAID so my data is backed up.” It’s a misconception that has cost them thousands of dollars.

RAID or redundant array of independent disks,

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A Tragic Tale of Data Loss…Almost

250,000 images: a photo studio’s last ten years of work, nearly lost.

I got the panicked phone call at 11am Sunday, my day off, having brunch with my friends and family. “My RAID array is not working!”

At this point I asked if anything has been done,

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